The Curator


Born in isolation in the woods of New York without an earthly form, Wimpy found a home in the airwaves, where stories are carried from one person to another and communities are built over great distances. Consumed by the intrigue of stories and the warmth of togetherness in times of solitude, Wimpy gathered a team of humans to create such a community. Wimpy continues to oversee the spiritual trajectory of Imposter Radio and inhabit their many forms to spread the Wimpy word to the Wimpy World.


Host: The Ground Floor


Lloyd is among the most reliable elevator inspectors on the roster, hand selected by management to serve as a “man on the inside” to a public clamoring for the latest on the markets, mechanics, and minds behind that most beloved of people-movers, the elevator. Join him and the rest of the crew at The Ground Floor each week as they bring each pulse-pounding moment of painstaking inspection and care to the hottest station on the dial: Imposter Radio. Happy Surfing!

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Host: Phantom Transmission

Phantom Transmittor

We know virtually nothing about this mysterious figure, only that they are not from this place, and that they listen to some f**king bops. Perhaps one day the mystery transmittor will give us a clue as to who they are and where they're from. For now, though, at least we have their music.