Seth J


Why We Keep Listening

Seth J is a musician and comedian living in Hong Kong. Originally from the US, he is excited to be working with Imposter Radio! After spending his formative years listening to a shit-ton of music, all while engaging in some really spectacular antisocial behavior, it’s time to share all that musical knowledge he acquired over all those years. His favorite musicians are Joni Mitchell, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Tune Yardz, Judee Sill, and so many more…! Besides this, Seth enjoys day-drinking, hiking, learning Cantonese, and checking out gorgeous passersby on the metro.

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Grant Carey


xtra fruity genre smoothie!

Grant Carey is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist & music producer based in Los Angeles. He says hi! More at


Joe Pietropaolo


Difficult Music

Joe is the original guardian of little orphan Wimpy but had to pass the little tyke on to Trev. Said he had business somewhere else. 


As he kicked down the clutch of his old Harley, he made a gun finger at Wimpy, who was crying gently into Trev's shirt. 

"Sorry, kid. Ain't nothin' personal... Bang!"

"Bang" Wimpy said, and sniffled.

And Joe rode away.


Now every Monday morning, as obligated by law, Joe takes Wimpy out for allotted 'quality time,' usually out to the abandoned mines across the tracks, or to the club downtown that's been bouncing all night and into the daytime. He buys wimpy a Shirley Temple and cusses at the jukebox when it doesn't work on the first try. 


Wimp can tell grandpa Joe ain't a good influence on him, but seeing him in the beginning of the week like that always made Wimp feel strong all through the week when he ran into the bullies at recess or at the skate park.

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Justin Pietropaolo


The Ground Floor

Justin Pietropaolo broadcasts from Tillson, New York. His show, The Ground Floor, came to him in an overworked fever dream during his time as a delivery driver for Carmine's Deli in Elmsford, which necessitated that he spend what one might safely estimate to be a calendar week of his life inside elevators. He is an actor of negligible renown and has two cats, Bean and Lulu. He appreciates you.




Funk Fantasy Radio

Chicago, IL native. Record junkie, wine lover, polyglot, backgammon hustler


Trevor Eichhorn


Station Manager // Mid-Week Recharge, NMF

Trevor holds the Imposter Radio torch and keeps it aflame from his apartment in Brooklyn, NY. Ever-curious and always exploring, He's thankful and excited to have wandered into the land of internet radio, where the sun is always shining and the air smells like warm root beer and the creative possibilities geyser from the ground as far as the eye can see. He's grateful to the growing community of artists who are curiously exploring this land with him, and to you, of course,  the listener, for allowing us the space to share what we've found.


Madi Van Dam


Doomsday Radio

Madi is patiently waiting for the end of days from the confines of her NYC apartment. When not tending to her hyper-needy cat, Oliver, she is playing video games and smoking weed, otherwise known as, hero work. She is excited to be here. 


Max NP


Rough Drafts

Max is relieved he finally has an outlet to play all the music that is constantly on a loop in his head. When not stressing over his playlists he is reorganizing his records into indecipherable organizational systems and trying to keep an ever growing cadre of plants alive.




Funk Fantasy Radio

Chicago, IL native. Record junkie, wine lover, polyglot, backgammon hustler

Arianne DiCerbo


The Chain

Arianne has been a musichead her whole life and rarely does anything without a soundtrack on in the background.  She moved to NYC after college and has been bopping around town ever since. During the day she edits music/scripts for a licensing company and during the evening pursues her cabaret career. She hosts The Chain weekly on Sundays @4, bringing you mundane to wacky connections while offering a spoonful of "where are we going next?!". Tune in each week and see if you can guess the name of the chain!

Brooks Plummer


B.O.L. Brooks Online

Brooks moved to New York City for college in the mid-aughts, but it was a post-graduation trip to the Southwest that would alter the direction of his life forever. While in Roswell, New Mexico for the annual Green Hatch Chile Festival, he found himself in a pickle on the side of the highway one night after the festivities. Pulled over on a desolate stretch of desert asphalt, hazards flashing, faced with a busted tire and a dwindling handful of hope, he turned to see, in the dark night sky, a bright light rapidly descending towards his car and REDACTED REDACTED REDACTED SECURITY CLEARANCE DENIED REDACTED radio show REDACTED NOT AUTHORIZED REDACTED America Online REDACTED BLOCKED rock and roll REDACTED and he woke up in his hotel room a changed man. The path forward was suddenly as clear as a contact lens. After several years of fine tuning, BOL is finally here and ready to change the world; an audible manifestation of his time spent on the other side. With indie rock. 

Liz Wager


s o n a t a

Western New Yorker, left-handed, 5'3", and published poet. Loves Beethoven and Harry Styles. Former band kid. Bad dancer, but doesn't let that stop her. Still mad that Viennettas were discontinued in the US. 

Freddy Hall


Your Lunch Break

Freddy is a native to the east coast and a proud citizen of Planet Earth. He's a musician, songwriter, fickle hobbyist, and romantically hopeless. He loves chocolate chip cookies, many types of music, and dancing in the aisles of CVS.