Our Projects

Something, always, for everyone--and growing all the time

  • Difficult Music
    Monday, 10a-1p w Joe

    Starting off your week by getting absolutely zinged on Java and exploring the underworld of music. Scary and maybe sometimes triumphant examination of sounds. Bring a flashlight!

    If you like: Experimental, ambient, immersive, downtempo, atmosphere, art rock, electro, grime

  • Mid-Week Recharge
    Wednesday, 7-9p w Trevor

    It's a long-ass week. Tune in at the halfway point for a healthy dose of good energy. We'll follow our hearts, pursue our whimsies, do whatever gets us to tomorrow.

    If you like: Chill, vibes, electro, feel-good, uptempo, listener requests

  • New Music Friday
    Friday, 1-3p w Trevor

    ​The weekend is here and we've got a whole heap of music to sort through. Good thing we've got each other. Let's organize the chaos of the new music dump and give our ears some food for the weekend to come

    If you like: New music has no genre--it's all fair game, baby

  • The Chain
    Sunday, 4-6p w Arianne

    The Chain winds its way along an eclectic road. Each song links up to the next following a connection that will vary from mundane to mind-blowing. Where will we go? Who knows... but getting there will be a wild ride on the Arianne Train.

    If you like: Anything and everything, regardless of genre, with a little quizzical engagement

  • The Ground Floor
    Thursday, 7p w Justin

    Join Lloyd each week for in-depth inspection and review of elevators and in-building transportation in Westchester County and the greater Hudson Valley. Conceived, written, and performed by Justin Pietropaolo

    If you like: Immersive storytelling, fictional worlds, vibey tunes, radio plays

  • The Lunch Hour
    Friday, Noon-1p w Freddy

    Songs new and old, jokes, factoids, and other things to help propel you toward the weekend.

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