• Funk Fantasy Radio

    Friday 8p (EST) w KG

    Join KG for a two hour journey to kick off the weekend, sharing selections past, present, & future from his personal collection. Turn it up

    If you like: funk, soul, disco, jazz, latin, hip-hop, house

  • Rough Drafts

    Friday 6p (EST) w Max

    A mix show focusing on the best independent, unheralded, underground and otherwise overly described hip-hop music I can dig up. 

    If you like: Hip-Hop, Rap

  • Sunday Night Live

    Sunday 9p (EST) w Brooks & Trevor

    Brooks and Trevor host a brief discussion and listen-through of some of history's iconic live performances. 

    If you like: Concerts

  • Doomsday Radio

    Tuesday 6p (EST) w Madi

    Join Madi on Tuesday nights for a weekly  catharsis explosion of pop-punk, classic rock, and all other shit-kickin’ music she can find. Doomsday approaches, but here we are, together. Bring your hoodies, bring your blunts- let’s feel something.

    If you like: Emo, Pop-Punk, Kicking shit, Classic Rock, Dave Matthews Band

  • Phantom Transmission

    ???? with ????

    We've been receiving regular communication from a mysterious transmitter. We know nothing about the source of the transmissions except that they come from... another place. We've devoted a team of Wimpy scientists to decoding these transmissions, and we'll continue to broadcast them to you as quickly as we can crack them. Perhaps one day, the transmitter will reveal itself... 

    If you like: Electronic, Dance, Glitch, Atmospheric, Hip Hop, Dub

  • Difficult Music

    Monday, 10a-noon (EST) w Joe

    Starting off your week by getting absolutely zinged on Java and exploring the underworld of music. Scary and maybe sometimes triumphant examination of sounds. Bring a flashlight!

    If you like: Experimental, ambient, immersive, downtempo, atmosphere, art rock, electro, grime

  • B.O.L. (Brooks Online)

    Tuesday, 4-6p (EST) w Brooks

    Playing the perfect songs to feature in your next Away Message. I'm no geologist, but I've got all the best rocks: alternative rock, indie rock, punk rock, pop rock, Pop Rocks, college rock, limestone, 90s rock, marble, etc. As Mary Kate & Ashley once said, "that's a lotta rocks!" Add me to your Buddy List.

  • s o n a t a

    Monday, 6-8p (EST) w Liz

    Each week, s o n a t a  presents a refined and hand-picked selection of classical music for people that don't listen to (or even like) classical music. No prior listening experience required. 

  • The Ground Floor

    Sunday, 6p (EST) w Lloyd

    Join Lloyd each week for in-depth inspection and review of elevators and in-building transportation in Westchester County and the greater Hudson Valley. Conceived, written, and performed by Justin Pietropaolo

    If you like: Immersive storytelling, fictional worlds, vibey tunes, radio plays

  • Your Lunch Break

    Friday,1p (EST) w Freddy

    Songs new and old, jokes, factoids, and other things to help propel you toward the weekend.

    If you like: Variety, feel-good, lighthearted

  • New Music Friday

    Friday, 11a (EST) w Trevor 

    The weekend is here and we've got a whole heap of music to sort through. Good thing we've got each other. Let's organize the chaos of the new music dump and give our ears some food for the weekend to come

    If you like: New music has no genre--it's all fair game, baby

  • The Chain

    Sunday, 4-6p (EST) w Arianne

    Songs new and old, jokes, factoids, and other things to help propel you toward the weekend.

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